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Hey There Whipped Cream Lover, Health Hunter, Flavor Craver! 

We are four women who were brought together by our individual health and wellness journeys. We each yearned for a low-sugar, low-carb, guilt-free indulgence that not only added flavor variety to our diets, but infused color and fun into our day. Dare we even dream for a keto-friendly replacement for ice cream?! With limited options, we founded Whipnotic, a new whipped cream company that is going to flip the industry on their cans.

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How Do You Whipnotic?

"It's my keto-friendly nighttime treat. Filling a bowl and adding shredded coconut yummies"

"It's the perfect topping to my post-workout smoothie" 

"While I'm enjoying it on top of my afternoon coffee, I hear my kids sneaking it straight from the can" 

"Nothing says breakfast more
than my reinvented parfait. Who needs yogurt when you got the cream?!"

- Elissa

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- Tracy

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- Lori


- Robyn

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